What makes Katana unique?

Core Values

We believe that our core values seperate us from the rest and without core values you will never be able to fulfill your potential. These are the 5 things we believe can really create success within the workplace.


Mentorship is something that gets you far in business. Without a Mentor sometimes it can be tough to have direction. One thing we find is that people who are honest with their situation are the people that tend to go the furthest. The reason for this is that we can tailor our mentorship to the individual.



Everybody can do something once however, being able to persevere at something new can be challenging as sometimes the result does not match the effort you are putting in. In order to become great, whether that would be in business or your personal life, you have to persevere through each challenge to become a better version of yourself. Katana is here to keep you persevering!



We could coach you on everything you need to know to run a business. This could take 2 months, this could take 10 years. One thing that will guarantee you progressing at a faster rate than everyone else is understanding the importance of self-development. Nothing can compete with someone's
willingness to learn.



We are aware that a lot of people would love the result without having to put the effort in. If this was the case everything would be easy and everyone would have an easy life. To stand out from the crowd and succeed you need to discipline yourself to keep pushing even when the going gets tough. At Katana we get a buzz from seeing you succeed so if you're looking for that coach that can help you take your career to the next level, thats where we come in. 



All of our core value we have just been through are great, having said that, they are all irrevelant without this one. It is all well and good performing when everything is easy, but when the going gets tough, do you blame the situation, or do you blame the person in the situation. In order to make a change you must first accept that a change needs to be made. To perform at a high level you must constently be looking to improve and here at Katana we will ensure to give you feedback when you are looking to improve.


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